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Israel's Top 100 Start Ups

Israel's Top 100 Start Ups

We are happy to announce that we were nominated as a top start-up by The Startup Pill!

Being a part of the top 101 fasting growing startups in Israel that have been co-founded in 2020 was incredible news to tell our team this morning. Our team has worked long days and nights- and we are only a small fraction into our journey.

pwrPARK’s mission is to provide stations that are accommodating to e-scooters. We are a green company and believe that sustainability is the way forward. Our mission is to encourage the use of environmental-friendly transport and support them.

We are excited to show the progress we have covered, and we shall do that sooner or later. Currently, we are in the process of perfecting our work - quality is an absolute must.

A big thank you to all those who have supported our journey - the pwrPARK team will continue to work hard and achieve the goals we’ve aligned for ourselves!

Thank you,

The pwrPARK team

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