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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It was a typical hot summers day in Tel -Aviv ,Israel. I was on my weekly grocery run, riding my Inokim e-scooter, which is what I use to commute short distance trips. I ended up buying a few more things that were not on my grocery list - and left the store with two very heavy bags. As I rode back home, I realised something that should’ve crossed my mind earlier - my e-scooter was running on very low battery, I hadn't charged my electric scooter. I was only about 400 meters away from my home and I was praying that the e-scooter wouldn’t die on me. The e-scooter, who I have lovingly named Daisy, not so lovingly died on me. And, now I was stuck, 400 meters away from home; a dead, heavy e-scooter and two full bags of groceries in my arms. No taxi accepted my request because the distance was too short. I had to trudge all the way back. 400 meters have never felt so long or so heavy. When I managed to make it back home, I was so exhausted, lugged my scooter up the flight of stairs, plugged the dirty machine into the wall socket and went straight to bed - only to wake up with back pains and shoulder aches. At that point, I remember cursing myself for not charging Daisy. But surely I wasn’t the only person to face this issue? Market research showed that I wasn’t. There were plenty of others. There were stories of how e-scooter locks were broken, and the scooters stolen; the battery dying problems, and issues of recharging the battery at your own convenience. And this is how PwrPark was born.

Solving the electric scooter charging problem:

PwrPark aims to solve issues that arise with having an e-scooter. Charging in a public place? We have the solution for that. Security issues? Worried about your e-scooter being stolen? Fret no more. No parking places for your e-scooter? PwrPark can solve that as well. Using high tech universal charging adapter and the power of technology, PwrPark aims to kill three birds with one stone. We have created beautifully designed stations that solve all these issues. We support a greener, more sustainable world. We see micromobility as the future of tomorrow’s transport - and we aim to support it in areas that e-scooters are at a disadvantage. We believe that every business must support their community one way or the other - and we take our role in helping sustainable ventures seriously. Power. Park. Go. Thanks, Team PwrPark

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