• Amalia Sostin

Mother Earth Needs a Detox

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Did you know that, according to Forbes, humans emit around 29 billion tons of CO2 each year? That’s a little less than 1% of present atmospheric CO2. Crazy, right? We often spend a relatively important portion of our day driving around the city, getting stuck in traffic, all while burning CO2 in non-electric vehicles. As a team, pwrPARK is determined to reduce emissions; a sustainable start up.

Steve Jobs believed that electric scooters and micromobility would make a bigger impact than personal laptop computers. He mentioned how he truly thought that cities would adapt and redesign around e-scooters and their needs. The pwrPARK team agrees.

Personal e-scooters are not only the future of mobility, but also an incredibly effective solution to reduce carbon emissions. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that, “a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This assumes the average gasoline vehicle on the road today has a fuel economy of about 22.0 miles per gallon and drives around 11,500 miles per year. Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of C02.”

Now we can compare these statistics to a typical e-scooter rider: every 28 miles of riding your e-scooter are equivalent to 0.2 grams of CO2 emitted into the environment, while a single passenger emits more around 18.9 pounds of CO2 in the same mileage. The following diagram released by visually explains the emission comparison:

Concluding, mother earth needs a detox. As a team, we truly believe that micromobility and the e-scooter world is the solution to many of our air pollution problems. As a society we must get informed, learn about our personal carbon emissions and how we can each give mother earth a hand. What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think Steve Jobs was right?


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