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The Future of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

If you’ve ever been to Tel Aviv, you’ll know that e-scooters fill up the streets. Not having an e-scooter means you’re out of the loop! If you’re wondering what the official name for this new trend is, it’s called micromobility. This trend aims to solve basic problems in cities when it comes to transportation.

Let's Talk Money

So, what about the market? Many people wonder what the micromobility market is actually worth. Is it worth the investment? The answer is: Yes! the micromobility market is actually expected to grow exponentially to 300 billion USD in the US alone! Experts predict it’s the future of transportation, due to the sustainable factor. Let's explore what factors could have led this market to grow on such a scale…

Factor 1: Cheaper Alternative

When you add up the days, rides on a purchased personal e-scooter are way more affordable than paying for taxis, or gas. In cities like Tel Aviv, the e-scooter community is large and growing on a daily basis. Especially in Israel, public transportation is quite expensive; citizens spend around 20 shekels on public transportation a day. Adding up, owning a scooter is quite more affordable.

Factor 2: Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly aspect of the micromobility industry has attracted a massive audience. When talking about Tel Aviv, being environmentally friendly is not only valued, but popular. Owning a scooter has rapidly become the ideal transportation method in order to reduce our carbon footprints. Especially in young crowds, individuals tend to be informed on global warming, and the burning of fossil fuels and its risks to the environment.

Factor 3: Simple!

A huge factor that has potentiated the micromobility industry is how simple it is to drive and own a scooter. You don’t need mandatory insurance, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars, you don’t even need a driver’s licence in some places… It’s even simple to ride, it doesn’t take much to learn. This is a huge factor when talking about the rapidly growing industry, and how they have managed to succeed with all types of people.

As a team, we aim to revolutionize and power the future of micromobility, making your life easier.


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