Improving our world starts at ground level with changing our behaviours and incorporating new, often technological, solutions. Electric scooters produce near 1% of the carbon emissions of a standard vehicle, the adoption of this new mode of transport is just one of the many players steering us towards eco-conscious cities and a sustainable future. PwrPark (“Power Park”) strives to support environmentally friendly modes of transport ventures by solving widespread issues affecting and limiting the micro-mobility industry adoption: battery charging limitations, parking issues and sidewalk clutter, and rife theft of e-scooters. 

We develop products and services for the micro-mobility industry. Our flagship product, a mart of high tech parking stations, offer a charge and lock service for any model of electric scooters. 

PwrPark has three components; A station to facilitate secure parking and charging, achieved through the incorporation of a high durability smart lock and charging receiver. A charging adapter that can be effortlessly fitted with any e-scooter model to facilitate receiving a charge at the station. A mobile application connects the hardware and the software while offering extensive real-time analytics and remote control of the station. 

Our mobile application connects users to our parking stations. The app allows users to locate available parking bays to lock and charge their e-scooters confidently. The app boasts a rapid sign up process using sim-card activation; thereafter, all available parking stations are visible on a map. Stations may be reserved. 

On arrival at the station, the rider mounts an e-scooter onto the station, scans the QR code and locks the scooter in place. The app reflects the time for which they will be charged for the service. An optional universal charging adapter, to be distributed freely through marketing activations and vendors, allows any scooter model to charge. PwrPark helps in organising spaces from micro-mobility clutter and creating a better experience for electric scooter users. We recognise this industry is the future of tomorrow; for a better, greener and more sustainable world. 


pwrPARK is a parking station for electric scooters. The station offer locking, docking and charging for those who use e-scooters. We aim to solve battery issues, publicly charging, managing micro-mobility clutter & theft issues of e-scooters via our stations.