Frequently asked questions

What is unique about pwrPARK?

Our charging stations are universal, whereby they can charge any electric scooter without the need for customisation.

How is it installed?

The station is bolted into the ground and power supplied through a traditional wall outlet or city supplied power. Our next model of the station will incorporate solar integration.

What is the payment model for end users?

B2B: Mobility Ride-Share providers pay a monthly subscription per vehicle to have exclusive access to their e-scooter charge and lock stations. We cover the cost of install, deployment and maintenance.
B2C: Public consumers pay per minute to utilise the charger and/or lock service offered by the pwrPARK station.

How many e-scooters can dock at your station?

Our station is modular to accommodate available retail space. Each module can dock two electric scooters. These modules can be stacked together like lego blocks with no limitation to the scale-up.